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10-21-2018, 02:58
I've been having my eye out for some fantastic figures; after coming across some promising stuff I realized just how deep the community is and how big of a journey the collection of 1:6 figures can be.

I've been previously poking around as a guest in hopes for some answers to my questions, but alas many of the forum posts are sadly outdated (most from between 2009-2013).

Sincerest apologies if this post is not appropriate in this particular forum. (Please direct me to the proper forum location if necessary)

I joined in hopes of having some guidance or answers to my questions!

I'm determined to get the Phicen/TBLeague M36 (suntan) body; problem is, I'm having quite some trouble in attempting to finding a good head for it. I know skin tone colors have been quite the challenge to match ever since the company came along, and I have read that back then Kumik heads were notorious for bad color matches and even odd sizing in general.

I had noticed that quality from both companies have changed quite a bit since then, so I was curious if Kumik heads could be possible for that particular body frame? I'm pretty picky and I'm not really a fan of the burly manly heads I've ran into; hence why Kumik's heads have caught my eye. I see a handful of korean male modeled ones, so I was just wondering if some tweaking and modding would be worth my efforts for the M36 Suntan frame.

Thank you immensely for helping me out!

10-21-2018, 17:51
Welcome to OSW Sonoski!

(I couldn’t help any with your questions, but I’m sure one of our experts will chime in!)