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09-16-2018, 16:19
Greetings, OSW!

I am new to the realm of 1/6 figures - having purchased my first one, a Phicen / TBLeague, about a month or so ago...

Holy Mother of Mercy! I cannot stop! This is ridiculous with awesomeness and a supersize side of stupid. I have since bought five more of these various figures and I fear that I will continue to smoke this SS crack at the cost of my very soul.

I must admit, however, that I remain oblivious. I have questions regarding these figures which may be answerable only by the experts among you; I'd like to preface such here with an apology and sincere humility, as many of them will surely smack of my absolute ignorance.

And so, into the fray...


09-16-2018, 20:35

By "SS" I had meant "Steel Skeleton" - although it appears that that abbreviation may ordinarily refer to something else, I'm uncertain.

And I probably ought to avoid trying to sound so hip just yet.