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09-15-2018, 14:50
Hello everyone! I am Epona, a lady from the USA. I found out about this forum several months ago, but I didn't join at the time, but since I have an idea for a crew of 1/6 dolls I thought it would be a good idea to sign up now! I collect a variety of dolls (particularly ball-jointed dolls), figures, and action figures, so I am not new to the 1/6 scale but I am more familiar to playline dolls in this scale. I decided that I would like to make a crew of 1/6 dolls for a post-apocalyptic, Fallout/Mad Max type of thing! There is a lot of things available in the scale, so I look forward to eventually re-purposing some things like Barbie cars and really have a fun time crafting and going crazy with it. :dancing

I still have a lot to learn before getting my first Phicen, I think, but I am excited to start learning about the more realistic companies in this scale. :)

09-15-2018, 19:09
Welcome to the board!