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09-12-2018, 07:14
Hi guys,

I'm Bombazine , a 27 year old female from the Netherlands! I am very new to 1/6 ,but I collect Asian ball jointed dolls that I also paint,mod and customise. I recently got my first 1/6 to paint and honestly....I am in love with them ! My plans in this hobby involve customizing a complete post apocalyptic 1/6 crew. I've been wanting this ever since my first BJD came in, but the prop and clothing options are incredibly limited for them, so when I found out about these dolls,everything clicked immediately. I am currently in the process of customizing my first 1/6 (Angelina Jolie head with Phicen muscular body) and I'll be sure to post progress pics and learn from you all!

If you are interest in the progress,or want to see my other dolls (BJDs) you can find me on Instagram @katzen_dolls.

Thank you so much for reading this and I can't wait to see all your great work !

09-12-2018, 13:33
Welcome to the board!