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08-19-2018, 21:02
Hi there,

I want to replace a Soldier Story HK416Dīs stock with another M4īs stock. A recent post in the main forum about a PMC figure links to a webpage that shows a Soldier Story M4 dissasssambled and the stock can be dettached from the recoil buffer tube but that webpage doesnīt show how to do it. If anybody were so kind as to post a "how to" or a small tutorial with pics and instructions it would be highly appreciated.

Last but not least important, I want to start out in weaponsmithing but I donīt know what kind of plastic action figuresī weapons are made of nor what is the best glue for them. I have tried cyanocrylate to poor results ( bonds were brittle). What is the best adhesive to obtain a strong bond?