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08-08-2018, 07:22
So I may have registered a few months ago and totally neglected to introduce myself over here (Partially because the project I was working on got put on hold due to some faulty tools)

Anyway, hello, I'm Bug (or at least that's what I go by online, trust me, it's not my legal name) and I'm fairly new to collecting 1/6th scale, though I've been interested in it for a while! Most of my interests are with fictional figures, sci-fi and such, and so far most of what I own is from video games.

I've got a bit of experience customizing - usually fashion dolls, but that does overlap a little bit, at least - and I've got a few projects in the works that I'm very excited about, and I look forward to sharing them all with you.

08-08-2018, 11:13
Welcome to OSW Bug!

There’s GREAT people on here... amazing artists and talented craftsmanship!

I look forward to seeing your work!