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08-06-2018, 14:17
Hi, just thought I'd post a few lines to say hello

I'm very new to the modern 1/6th scale collecting scene although I have quite an extensive collection of vintage Action Men which I've built up over the last couple of years and regularly post on the Action Man Forum pages

I did start to collect the early 1/6th Dragon figures when they first came into the country years ago but after seeing some amazing new sets recently I thought I'd jump back in and pick up a few of the newer military figures

I have just bought the Damtoys British machine gunner in Afghanistan and hope to post up a few pics as I try to put it together

I'm looking forwards to chatting with you all and know the wife is going to start feeling a little neglected as there is just too much information packed into these forum pages

08-06-2018, 17:05
Welcome aboard, macuk!

GREAT group of people here, amazing artists and talented craftsmen.


08-06-2018, 19:58
Welcome to the board!

08-08-2018, 04:24
Thank you Guys, some of the stuff on here is amazing