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06-15-2018, 15:50
I am a disabled 1/6 collector who has lurked for a few years but I finally felt I should sign up. I am always impressed both by how much you all allow people to read without signing up but with how detailed the information is. Before I let myself actually action figure I was awed by how tiny and wonderful our hobby is. I still am awed with how tiny but functional things can be.

My current project is a current Army Ranger uniform and figure that resembles a friend, which I will gift him along side a Ranger Larry (He hates being called Larry but is blonde haired blue eyed and a ranger with a Larry sort of name). I am wanting each class of uniform eventually.

06-15-2018, 19:08
Welcome to OSW! Always great to see new members!

06-15-2018, 21:19
Welcome aboard Furybird!