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02-26-2018, 07:21
Coming this Saturday and Sunday March 3 & 4 2018 at EnterTRAINment Junction, The Scale Model Expo is on!!

New and More Vendors, New Exhibitors, and more types of hobbies will be found this year, along with old favorites from past Expos.

It's not just 1/6 or just military, it's all scales and genres, and it's all FREE to the Public to come and see. And YES, the 25 cent hot dogs are back too.

GunShycc coverage will be found at the link below.

Flickr (

Family Fun for everyone, come out and enjoy this unique event.

03-01-2018, 09:01
Floor plan of the 2018 Expo main exhibition hall and foyer. More Exhibitors will be found in the "street" area of EnterTRAINment Junction.

Flickr ([email protected]/shares/t63n3q)

03-02-2018, 19:47
Set up pictures are up, stay tunes for more ...

Flickr ([email protected]/albums/72157664122703907)

03-05-2018, 10:27
All the Expo 2018 pictures I have are in the Flickr Album I have linked above, hope you like them.

Had a 30 minute interview with Bill Melvin, famous aviation artist, and I hope to have that video up soon, but that will be a huge video file, so I will have to find a way to get it loaded and easy to view. It was a great interview, well worth your time to see it, so stay tuned.

03-06-2018, 16:56
Sadly, there are at the very least accusations being made by some, and a ringleader asking others to also accuse me, of improperly taking pictures and having posted those pictures of 3 people’s work shown at this event. Along with these accusations another was made that I was improperly in the building shooting those pictures.

I have written and signed permission of those 3 people, to shoot the photos and to post them online. I also have the signed permission to shoot video of and post .video of an artist that was also in that show. All other pictures posted were done with the express verbal approval of the owners of various hobby work who also were in the Expo.

No photos were taken of anything without permission, and nothing in any photo even gives the name of any hobby club that did not give consent.

The manangement of EJ told me in a phone conversation between 4:30PM and 5PM today, 3-6-2018, as they own the building, they find no fault in my conduct in my being in the building when the pictures were taken, and find no fault in my taking pictures, very much so when backed by a signed by adults release saying I can do so.

I will send a digital copy to any admin or owner of a forum of the release, and will provide to same the name and number of the owner of EJ to discuss my conversation with him about my being in his building and what I was doing.

03-06-2018, 23:32
Very nice eyeshow, I don't know why people have to get all wired up over things, when they should have enough to do already. Drama as the unfortunate byproduct of so much talented endeavor. Thank you for sharing this with us.

03-07-2018, 14:21
30 minute video of an interview with Aviation Artist Bill Melvin, while at the 2018 Scale Model Expo at EnterTRAINment


Keith Davis - Interview with Bill Melvin at the Scale... (