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01-15-2017, 09:46
Can you guys tell me what to use to remove paint from the head mistakenly put on the face without ruining the whole painted face?
I've tried multiple options found online but nothing works.

1/ Remove it with thinner ==> A big part of paint of the face is also removed
2/ Seal the face with topcoat then go ahead and paint the hair, when paint from the hair accidentally put on the face then remove it with water ==> not working, the paint doesn't come off
3/ Cover the mistake by paint ==> The make up of the face is very complex, with layers and layers, it is impossible to replicate that

Is there anyway that is more forgiving to remove the misplaced paint? I have the whole head I'm planning to do small modification on the hair ruin because of this.

Btw, I use acrylic paint from Mr.Hoppy


01-16-2017, 01:32
you should be able to remove the acrylic paint with rubbing alcohol.....use it on a paintbrush or q-tip depending on the area size.....try it on the back of the neck first just to make sure....but you should be able to just take the new layer off and start over again

01-17-2017, 20:07
Try a sanding stick?