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04-23-2015, 12:22
A meeting was held this week, and EnterTRAINment Junction has decided to change the name of the old Mini Model Engineering Show to the Scale Model Show for 2016. We know many want as much advance for planning as possible, much so this time of year, to set their business and vacation schedules.

And I say business, because there will be NO CHARGE for Vendors to attend and sell!!! Tables are FREE to legit Clubs and Hobbyists. The Show is GATE FREE to the Public.

Feel free to ask your questions in this thread, and look at this thread of the past 2015 show, to see what is typical of this event, and know they are committed to making this a premier hobbyist event.

EnterTRAINment Junction Hobby Model Show, March 7&8 2015 in The Barracks Forum (

12-05-2015, 17:01
One of EnterTRAINment Junction’s missions is to promote the hobby of model railroading in particular and scale modeling of any kind in general. The Model Engineering Show held for the past eight years has been one of the many means employed to that end.

The 2016 edition of the Model Engineering Show is getting a new name. We are calling it The SCALE MODEL EXPO, a name that better conveys the message that the show is a showcase of high quality scale model work of all kinds.

We’re getting an early start in promoting the 2016 show too. So make your plans now to participate in the 2016 Scale Model Expo at EnterTRAINment Junction the weekend of March 5th & 6th.

The 2015 Show had increased participation producing a good mix of quality exhibits, including some vendors. We are excited at the prospects that the 2016 show will be bigger and better yet. Efforts are being made to reach more potential exhibitors and/ or vendors and guests, an effort with which you can help. Because of some advanced promotion we are already getting inquiries from potential vendors.

The show is still free for participants as well as guests, thereby it does not generate funds for either promotion or production of the show, therefore no-cost avenues of advertising are the only recourse for attracting both participants and guests. So, we ask our participants, both exhibitors and vendors, to help with promotion efforts in any way you can. Attached to this message find a PDF containing the 2016 show flyer. Feel free to reproduce it in any way that you will and pass them on to other potential exhibitors, vendors and/or guests and arrange to have them posted wherever appropriate that will catch the attention of the public.

Because of the influx of new participants we’ve developed a more formal registration form complete with Terms and Conditions which are not really anything new it’s just that they are now in writing. The Registration Form is also attached in PDF form. If you will be participating, don’t wait. Go ahead, fill it out and send it in. Also, feel free to forward it to any appropriate potential exhibitor and/or vendor.

EnterTRAINment Junction which reaps very few dollars from this show does not assign paid personnel to put the show on. Set up and take down are accomplished by the show manager with whatever volunteer help he can muster. EnterTRAINment Junction volunteers have been very helpful in getting the show set up but are not available for the take down. As long as we do not charge admission, very little help is required while the show is in progress, however at take down, starting at 4 PM Sunday, with the realization that participants are engaged in their own take downs, any assistance forthcoming would be most appreciated,

Hoping to see you March 5 & 6,
Larry Koehl, Show Coordinator
The 2016 Scale Model Expo (

Link to the .pdf format Show Registration Form.

Link to the .pdf format 2016 Show Flier.

01-05-2016, 12:24
This link is to a 2 page .pdf, which is filled with "Please Do Not Touch" Text segments, which you can download, print out, cut into little tags, and put out liberally with your displays and such during the show. Nice to have for any time you display your work.

02-17-2016, 22:27
Had a peek today at the list of those coming to the Expo, and here is the Vendor list as it stands now.

1/6 Vendors

Phil's Toy Chest

Cory Lord


Cosplay, Metal Working, Wood Working, Glass Works, Jewelry, various scale diorama items

Eclectic I, Ltd.

Aircraft Artwork and Model Planes

Bill Melvin

Looks like over 74 tables have been spoken for, and some last minute Exhibitors and Vendors are still considering same. Act now if you want in.

02-29-2016, 21:11
So excited, LIVE TV interviews tomorrow at EnterTRAINment Junction with Channel 19 WXIX about some of the Exhibits that will be at the Scale Model Expo 2016 this weekend, March 5&6. I am honored to be among those being interviewed about a couple of my pieces, hope all goes well, and that it might encourage others to come to the Show, consider picking up a hobby, joining a club, and see how things and events like this can help VETS.

03-03-2016, 16:00
TV interviews from EnterTRAINment Juntion for the 2016 Scale Model EXPO combined into 1 roughly 9 minute video. Enjoy!!

Entertrainment Junction Scale Model Expo - Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV (

03-03-2016, 18:02
Over 80 Exhibitors and Vendors, all in one place with no door charge or admission fees. It is extra cost if you want to go through the Train Museum and Fun House.

03-04-2016, 19:57
Some Quick Grab Shots of just a fraction of the 1/6 action alone, many more people will be setting up early on Saturday, so get ready for more of everything coming on strong. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Awesome work is what I am seeing all over this show so far.

03-05-2016, 23:16
Pictures from today.

CSM Make & Take ( (

Small scale tanks (

Building a Plane (

Steam and air powered engines and devices (

Vendors of many types ( (

Have to have a sense of humor with this Vendor ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Exhibits ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

My own little set of displays in the Middletown CBOC area I share with them ( ( ( (

A Memorial Area for Friends now gone ... (

There are even more Vendors / Customizers, and more Exhibits, that I didn't have time to shoot, but are still there and waiting for you, the last Day of the Expo, Sunday March 6 2016, Noon till 4PM.

03-06-2016, 08:38
Okay folks, this is it, open to the Public for just 4 hours today, so after Church for many at Noon, how about a little low cost hobby fun. This is a show for the little Mom and Pop Shops, for the Collector and the active Hobbyist, its for grins and giggles and its for helping Vets. The Scale Model Expo 2016, the show "for the rest of us."

03-07-2016, 01:24
Another Great Show in the history pages. No, our show didn't have any bands, big guest stars, casino nights, or big drops. What we also didn't have was fees, or admission costs. What we did have was Mom and Pop Shops and Artists loaded with talent and merchandise that otherwise wouldn't be in a show because of any fees. We also had Vets getting the information about their rights and the health care they need from the VA / CBOC Personnel present because they earned it. We also had clubs looking to see how they too can help Vets with their hobby and skills in other venues beyond this show. It's sad to see that some events and activities now charge the VA to even have a table or space, we won't do that, and we haven't.

We had kids getting their first model kits free, and help learning how to build them, with no cost to them.

We had an Exhibitor talk about how his brother had developed a means to grow back lost limbs and organs, and he knows firsthand, because after having a R/C model plane cut off part of his finger, what was lost was regrown right on his own hand in 4 weeks with the very process his brother created.

We had fun, and 25 cent hot dogs, a family fun centered Amusement Attraction.

We had a show, "For the Rest of Us .....".

Here are the pictures from today, hope to see you in 2017!! ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

03-18-2016, 19:44
If you don't like having to click individual links to see the pictures of the WHOLE Scale Model EXpo, you can see them with ease by simply clicking this one link instead.

Hope we see you next year.