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03-31-2015, 21:25
Its that time again, time for the annual Ontario Canada 1/6 scale show in Toronto Ontario Canada

The OMSS is on this year for 2 May 2015 at Fort York Ont.

So those of you living in Toronto show have no excuses for not coming out and supporting this event and 1/6 scale as a legitimate modeling scale!!

OMSS Annual Show (

03-31-2015, 23:33
I'll be there! I'm thinking of bringing my 1/6 tent.

04-01-2015, 10:30
Yes...please bring as much as you can...

I will have the big Dio again plus a WWII Dak desert setup

Moonbase Alpha Male
04-01-2015, 13:23
Thanks for the reminder, especially since this is now a Spring event rather than Fall as it used to be (which made me fumble and miss it last year). See everyone there!

04-02-2015, 11:50
Really looking forward to this!

04-02-2015, 15:14
Tell anyone and everyone you know who is into 1/6 this is the show...cause I am not sure If I will do this again and JC from Ottawa is coming down, maybe for the last time..who this might just be the last...

04-04-2015, 14:42
If I come do you want me to bring 8th army /SAS troops?

04-05-2015, 13:20
I'm there. I'll bring a small assortment of items for display. I'm thinking maybe a few Cowboys and then something like my weapons carrier and a few guys to go with it.


04-05-2015, 22:14
Sounds good to both of you need as much stuff as we can get

04-18-2015, 08:48
The Ontario Canada 1/6 scale show has changed locations, from The actual Fort, to the Fort York Visitor center, 265 Fort York Blvd, Toronto Ontario, Canada, May 2nd at 1000am. So if anyone is coming, don't go by the website address, its at the visitor center.

04-29-2015, 20:28
3 more days till the show, are you going to be there.??
Anyone from the Toronto area don't miss out on a great day!

05-01-2015, 18:07
Andrew, Geoff, Frank and I have got things mostly set up for tomorrow. Any 1/6er in the GTA come on down Saturday morning, doors open at 10 and we'd really enjoy your support. Hope to see you there.


05-01-2015, 21:46
I will be there!