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12-15-2014, 19:23
Well the AZ Joeheads group had another successful "Weekend of Scott Carter # 7" (WOSC VII) this past weekend. Scott Carter (from Faded Armour Faded Armour (http://fadedarmour.com/) ) brought his own R/C Sdkfz 250 (complete with smoke) to show us and we had it running in the driveway and over a bridge the Jeff (Geppetto Joe) built. Scott managed to get 3 vehicles completed over the 2 & a half days he was here. Alex had his customized Dragon Panzer II C done in DAK as well as his Russian motorcycle with side car. Tom had his Land Lease Russian White Scout Car done and what seemed like a fuel dump of Jerry cans. Scott also brought back a 21C 1/18 scale Mustang for Bryan. We had lots of fun watching Scott work, he even did a headsculpt for us too. We had a projector in the garage and watched movies, ate pizza, and had our usual fun weekend. We really appreciate Scott coming out from California to be with us and working so hard to really make these vehicles works of art by the time he's done with them. I would also like to thank Jeff for hosting and organizing the event as well as Tom & Alex for having their pieces ready to paint.

We will have more photos from our webmistress up on our group site soon AZ Joe Heads (http://www.azjoeheads.com/index.html) and Tom has some pics up on on his Joehead facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AZJoeHeads/photos_stream?ref=page_internal

For now, you can see all my photos of the weekend on my page here at https://myspace.com/davros666/mixes/wosc-vii-the-rise-of-cobra-703097 or paste https://myspace.com/davros666/mixes/wosc-vii-the-rise-of-cobra-703097

You can see all the past events here too at https://myspace.com/davros666/mixes or paste https://myspace.com/davros666/mixes (https://myspace.com/davros666/mixes%C2%A0%C2%A0) This weekend was subtitled "The Rise of Cobra". we had a little fun to pass the time with Alex's fantastic custom Crimson Baroness

Hope you enjoy the photos and feel free to leave us feedback on here.


12-16-2014, 07:32
That Crimson Baroness just rocks!

12-16-2014, 12:17
BEAUTIFUL vehicles, especially the Sdkfz 250! Looks like you guys had a "productive" get together... thanx for sharing the pix!