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08-31-2014, 18:37
I have been searching everywhere for 1/6 scale sewing resources and have come up with 0. Even on this forum there isn't much. Obviously 1/6 scale mini buttons, zippers, clasps etc exist since I see so many figures with them. Where can people purchase this type of stuff? Also, 1/6 patterns for men. Anything for men. All I can seem to find are women's and children's patterns and that's at normal human scale. Is this some kind of closely guarded secret of the hobby that no one will share once they know? I'm kind of shocked this stuff is as hard to find as it is. It's either not out there, it's hard to find intentionally or I'm going about searching for it wrong.

09-01-2014, 21:47

We used to have a list of such places a few years ago, but since most companies make their own or keep these types of stuff to themselves, its getting harder and harder to find them.

If you goggle Mini Zippers, it should lead you to a website for at least, mini Zippers...

The rest is finding a good sewing store where they might be able to order the super small stuff...

09-03-2014, 21:17
That is something about this specific hobby that sucks. So many other hobbies people want to share, get knowledge out there. Like someone who is just learning how to sew will ever compete with someone that does it professionally. I found Etsy to be the only place that has anything so far. 3mm buttons and nice mini zippers. I'd like even smaller decorative buttons but they are no where to be found. Luckily I am a 3D artist and will have a 3D printer soon. I'll make my own buttons. I might even start selling that type of stuff since there isn't anything out there.

Honestly there should be books and videos for sale on how to do all this stuff. Regular dolls have tons and tons of books, websites, videos, classes etc... That type of knowledge dissemination is what keeps hobbies going.

01-26-2015, 09:41
Heres a tutorial on how to fit or size a pattern to your doll. I found it helpful.

Make a 'Sloper' or Basic Doll Bodice/Torso Pattern (

This one is a tutorial on making a shirt. It can be adapted to basically any shirt or coat style. I have attempted this several times and while it does take practice I have gotten good results.

This is also pretty cool:

I've also been struggling to find decent buttons. My latest strategy is to buy 3mm or 4mm bare earring posts and glue them in place. You can buy these in bulk for cheap. I am very pleased with the result.

As above, there are very few resources and much of it is focused on fashion dolls.