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02-16-2008, 16:33
Where can i get the material used to build a American canteen chain? i went to home depot and lowes today and couldnt find a chain small enough, any ideas? thanks

02-16-2008, 17:35
Hiya, Burntpinoy12!

The WWII canteen I have has a flat-formed metal chain on it. Each link is two ovals end to end with a short piece connecting them. Each link is put thru the double ovals, then bent in half, forming the next link.

(Just after I typed all of the above, I recalled I have a book showing same. If you can find it, get the "GI Collectors Guide" from Historie & Collections, ISBN 2-913903-87-8. Excellent reference filled with superb photos of actual gear.)

I've seen full size chain identical in construction to this, but nothing that I'm aware of in sixth scale. It shouldn't be too hard to photoetch somthing like this as it's fairly simple shapes. Hope this helps!

Proud son of Rose and Wes