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01-11-2008, 23:09
Hi, im new here and i have a question but i didnt know where to post the topic so i guess this is the closest. Ive been wondering how to create a WW2 Helmet webbing for my airborne models, a webbing somewhat close to the one DID Ricky Foster or Charles Winstone has, anything will help, thanks

Winstone's Webbing (http://www.onlinedid.com/products/wwii_us/80038/80038-9.jpg)
Foster's Webbing (http://www.onlinedid.com/products/wwii_us/80035/80035-3.jpg)

01-11-2008, 23:22
I know some guys use fish-net stockings!

For my British Para netting, which had a very different mesh to the US versions, I used a DML Para string vest dyed with acrylic paint.

01-12-2008, 09:23
It might not hurt to check out hobby and craft stores, they usually have a variety of gauze and netting made for other purposes. Sometimes they match up nicely to your needs.

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