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der soldat
12-27-2007, 06:08
I made this new sheet as best I could. About 5 days of work, 17 sheets of twest print, and endless research. The sleeve eagles and panzer tabs are a little big, but they work fine for me. Here's a picture of the sheet-
[img=] (

I've included almost everything I possibly could for now. i still need to make some more are shailds, but they take a while to make, and I don't have tiem right now to detail them.

Included insignia-
Field cap insignia- Heer (Regualr and DAK), Luftwaffe, and SS

Collar tabs- SS (EM and Officer Runic and Totenkopf), Luftwaffe (FJ, Artty, Ground division, panzer, and Herman goering), Heer (EM infantrie, GJ, Artty generic, DAK, panzer)

Cufftitles- Totenkopf (written and skull) LAF, wiking, Crete, FJ-1, Goering, Grossdeutschland (Gothic and Suetterlin)

Eagles- Luftwaffe(blue, tropical, and camo) SS(Regular, subdued, tropical) Heer (ealry, mid, late, and tropical)

Sleeve ranks- SS, luftwaffe, DAK, early and midwar heer

Other- NCO tresse (tropical, regular, subdued, luftwaffe), armsheilds

Notes- You need to find your own pips, skulls, and gulls

Here's a link to download-
The sheet must be resized by 20% to 25%. Test it out on regular printer paper a few times for sizing, then print it on fabric.