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12-26-2007, 15:03
Iím new and wanted to introduce my self, hi. I have a question and would greatly appreciate it if some one could give me any info. Iím trying to make a bi-pod for a rifle and my question is were could I get the little springs that go with the bi-pod.


12-30-2007, 16:33
I have not found any that are the right size. I make mine out of wire and a small round rod. I also use springs in weapons that I cut up and they work pretty good.

12-30-2007, 17:21
Try kids toys.... take apart the toys that have spring up flaps, dors etc. i have found many tiny springs ideal for bi pods....SGT

01-04-2008, 21:34
Where the hell do you buy springs anyways? The only springs I ever find are in the god damn pens.And most of them are too big or too strong for my weapons.

01-12-2008, 16:05
I work at a hardware store distribution center. We have hundreds of different size springs and I am always wondering what size would be right. If anyone has a 1/6 conversion for the size needed I could try to find them and give you guys a product name and number to order.

Doktor Von Evil
01-12-2008, 21:54
I don't know where you could buy them but I had an old cassette deck that did not work anymore and it was a goldmine of little springs. And welcome!

01-13-2008, 16:40
A site with useful data on spring-making -

The diameter of the spring stock used in HotToys bipod extension springs looks to mike out at 0.010", you could cheat a little, but the HT springs sure look good.

Being an inveterate scrounger, I agree with the others that old and broken toys, cassettes, cameras, and players are great for small parts and springs. I haven't scrounged any so far, which replicate the HT springs.

01-13-2008, 19:37
I just found an old DVD player when I moved and was thinking about taking apart as well.

01-14-2008, 20:16
BTW endaccess, pardon my manners. Welcome to the OSW!


01-17-2008, 16:18
Is there anyway you can get access to springs without Having to TEAR UP SOMETHING EXPENSIVE first.Or does anybody know what brand store sells these things?

01-18-2008, 13:56
You can make one it is easy. Use a high "E" guitar string in .013 inch (0.33) diameter. This URL ( has instruction and pictures to guild you.

T. R.

04-10-2009, 21:16
Try taking apart some old computer CD ROM and floppy drives. Another source if you just want the look is light filaments. I just replaced a halogen headlight bulb and the remaining filament looked perfect. Doubt it stretches though. The spring that pushes up the flint in a disposable lighter also looks to be about the right diameter.

- Ivan.

04-11-2009, 03:53
Good tips, you guys.