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der soldat
12-25-2007, 03:02
I've assembled a tutorial for all those who want to paint a headsculpt, but think you cant. Trust me, as some one with absolutley no artisic skills whatsoever and failed every art class, this is rather easy.

Here's what you need-
Brushes- I prefer natural hair brushes (they don'te leave very many brush strokes, and don't fall apar when you clean them)

Paint- black, green, blue, brown, white, red, and skintone ( mix of dark brown, light brown, oragne, and white, but i reccomend mixing your own paint with whatever colors you think suitable)

"Eye tool" See the I-Tool picture later in the tutorial.

Old toothbrush (your never going to use it again on your teeth after this...)

Old rag

Sealer laquer

Patels & graphite sticks (AKA Pencils)

Future Floor polish

Dust mask

Here we go!!
1. Find a suitable sculpt. For this, I came across Gustav Magnor. I have so far never been satisfied with the paint on this sculpt, so i'll give it another try.
As it normally is, all the stock paint on it, poor detail on the eyes, shading, etc...

2. using your acetone, toothbruch, and old rag, strip all the paint off it. let it sit in the acetone for about 10 minutes so the paint will easily fall off. Use the toothbrush to scrape out as much paint as you can from the hair, eyes, ears, etc.... Remember to try to get as much off as you can, but if there is some left in the hair, its fine, it will be covered up later.

3. The eyes are generally considered the hardest part, so paint them first, so if you do make an error, you don't have to completly re-strip the sculpt. The whites of the eyes I use oure white, they wil gradually get more off white in the following steps.

4. The irises are made fron your choice of color, made of a few concentric cirles and a black dot in the center. Use a base color, and then use lighter colors as you get close to the center.

And Here's the I-Tool. It's a tool used for ceramics, with a metal tip mounted on a wooden handle.

5. Lay down the skintone. Use a wide brush (#2 or 4 flat) for most of the sculpt, then use a smaller brush for around the eyes. If you get skintone paint in the eyes, give it a quick repair with the I-Tool

6. apply pastels on the sculpt wher shadows fall and light reflects. Dark brown, off white, and red are the ones I commoly use. If you're using a very light skintone or don't want very deep shadows, use light brown instead of dark. The photo shows where i put the pastels, and i also apply brown and red to the back of the neck.

7. Blend the pastels. Using a soft wide brush, blend the pastels in a verical direction, along all the areas with pastels. Some areas, like on the cheeks and the neck, go at a diagonal vertical direction.

8.Apply the sealer. Matte finish gives a good reflection like that off of natural skin oils.
Generally, with chalk pastels, the color becomes more vibrant after spraying on sealer. If you cant see the pastels at all (you should be able to see some of each, but barely) repeat steps 6, 7, and 8.

9. Hair and eyebrows are done with any color you think is acceptable. Generally, black is too intesley dark, so if you want black hair, mix in some brown or white.

At this point, if you think it looks good, you're done, and you've done good for you're first try. If you want to give it more detail, go on to final detailing...

Final detailing
Using thinned out black paint, brush a few thin layers onto the hair and eyesbrows. 5'o clock shadow is done with black pastels, but if you don't want it to look so dark, use graphite sticks. Lips are painted with thinned out red paint, and letting some of it flow into the center of the lips. Using the eye tool, flow some red paint into the lower eye lids, the corners of the eyes, and into some of the folds of the skin. A few drops of future floor polish gives the eyes a good reflection.

Remeber, sometimes skintone has a different look per climate. Here's my opinion on skintones for the diorama of your repainted sculpt-
Mild climate- equal amt.s of each
Tropical/ desert- More red and brown
Winter- more red on the cheeks and off white
Worn/ tired- More brown under eyes

12-25-2007, 17:08
Not bad. The Iris needs to size down a little and add a little showing on the side of the head to give the illusion of hair growth. Other then that. Good work Das! Keep them coming. I also love the Pastle shading you did. Good work man!

12-31-2007, 19:50
What effect will the sealer have on the pastels? I have one that tends to effectively wash away the sealer so I tend to leave my pastels almost as an outer dust and dont seal them at all.

der soldat
12-31-2007, 21:46
What effect will the sealer have on the pastels? I have one that tends to effectively wash away the sealer so I tend to leave my pastels almost as an outer dust and dont seal them at all.

The sealer I use does slightly wash them away, but it brightens the color, Spray sealer is preffered, as it doesnt wipe off the sealer quite like brush on

01-02-2008, 18:43
I actually have a spray sealer and used it yesterday on a pair of boots and it washed all of the powder off. This was before drying and I reapplied the pastel, so maybe I should have let it dry to see? I am still learning all of this weathering technique and will get it down at some point. I am doing a WWII Marine right now and lookiing for that dusty island hopping look.

der soldat
01-03-2008, 01:36
if youre weathering a uniform, just use regular hairspray. I use hair spray on the uniform to get all the folds in, add pastels, the put a few thin coats of the spray on.