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der soldat
12-21-2007, 03:14
This sheet is fully custom, based off of photos and sizes from various militaria dealers, and off my own collection. They were all resized to apporximatley 1:6th scale.

Some of the insignias were messed-up due to windows vista not liking flat images, so the collar tabs and some of the ranks may need to be fixed.

Included are armbands for the Gro▀deutschland, LSSAH, SS Feldgandarmerie, and FJ-1 Divisions, as well as a few Crete cufftitles. generic SS, Luftwaffe, adn Heer ranks are also in the set. Tropicals, sleeve patches, and eagles are included. SS sleeve eagles are being worked on. 10 strips of NCO tresse are more than enough to give the Spei▀ enough insignia for the collar and the sleeves.

Feel free to download the picture and print, but try printing it on regular paer before fabris, andlet me know if there are any problems. It may need to be edited on photshop or MS paint.

12-21-2007, 03:53
Thanks a lot!

der soldat
12-21-2007, 04:46
I just made better rank tabs, tresse, and armbands.

The NCO tresse is now in Heer/ss adn luftwaffe versions, with the heer/ss availible in regular, subdued, adn tropical.

The Luftwaffe Collar tabs are in the 3 basics, adn also in the same 3 for the Hermman Goering Division.

The SS and Heer collar tabs are remade, with SS having EM, Officer, and Algemine SS officers. heer tabs are early war, infantry, generic, tropical and panzer

Armbands are in LAH, TK, Wiking, all 3 versions of Gro▀deutschland, FJ-1, and crete. They've been re-made slightly wider to proivde more detail, and keep them in scale.