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01-27-2014, 18:17
G.I.Joes of all years and sizes, plus other toys and action figures.

Come celebrate the 50th anniversary of G.I.Joe on the west coast!

If you have items to sell, spaces are available for $50 each. Please note: dealer spaces sold out at the last shows, with several people being turned away. If you want to set-up, please don't wait too long.

Held at:
Ramada Inn
2900 San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA

Show hours are 9AM - 2PM (get there early).
Admission is $5. Parking is free.

For event or dealer information email:
[email protected]

01-28-2014, 01:43
I'll be there as a seller, never missed any of his shows!

02-02-2014, 16:07
I will not sell, this time, however, I will buy stuff and more stuff.:doh

03-04-2014, 15:42
Still a few tables left.

03-19-2014, 21:10
Only a little more than a couple weeks left. Spaces selling! Will be great!

03-31-2014, 18:20
THIS Sunday!

04-02-2014, 10:14
I hope to make it.


04-02-2014, 22:29
will be there

04-05-2014, 16:29
I'm certainly going. Hope to find some worthy buys. :)

04-05-2014, 17:23
I'll be there with a table!

Doktor Von Evil
04-06-2014, 00:18
I'll be there with a table!

Bring Nam gear! :gimme

04-06-2014, 14:58
I got there early before 9am and the show was already underway. I guess it was an early entry fee because I was charged $10. It was a great turn out of GI Joe stuff but not much 1/6th stuff I was looking for. I still went home happy with a few nostalgic pieces. Of all the loot I purchased today my favorite was a 1982 VAMP. My first ever GI Joe item I got when I was a kid. Too bad I couldn't find the driver Clutch to make my set complete. I'll be looking forward to that on the next show.

04-06-2014, 21:35
Not a lot of 1/6 at all. TONS of Joes though, obviously. One dealer had some good1/6 stuff and i picked up the Book of Eli End Walker fig. It a great looking fig. Needs weathering and im changing the sculpt. Overall, not bad.

04-07-2014, 13:45
As It is called "G.I. Joe & Toy show" it is James Desimone's show. James is listed as one of the top collectors of vintage G. I. Joes in the world.
In the past shows (for years) there were a lot of 1:6 Dragon, BBI, Dml, whatever, but it has kind of turned into a G. I. Joe 1:6 and new smaller G. I. Joes.
I saw G. I . joe's I had not seen since 1965!
Still came out with "smalls" items I need to build more figures.
These are the last of the "mom and pop" shows. Designed for the local collector and his personal collection.
I put one on in Bell. Ca, in 2009, just to keep the hobby going. Now it is very difficult to find a sponsor or site that will have a show.
It still was a cool show and hope he has more and more vendors of 1:6th to keep the hobby going.

04-15-2014, 18:20
HUGE thanks to all those that attended!! Once more, dealer spaces sold out.

The next show will be AUGUST 3RD, 2014.

Here are some pictures from the show: