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Warriors 1st BN
11-17-2007, 22:22
Hey evenyone, I've never posted here before (eventhough I joined almost 3 years ago) after seeing all your guy's stuff, mine just seem like toys. :(

Anyway, my question is can you paint hands? everytime I try, it scratchs off also the same thing happens when I paint the body too. Is there anyway to get them to not look so shiny without painting them? Thanks.

11-18-2007, 11:38
I spray acrylic on my hands and bodies. It does rub off but if you are careful you can keep it from happening. Also it matters what hands you are trying to paint. The newer rubbery BBI hands are hard to paint but most of dragons are easy.

Warriors 1st BN
11-19-2007, 23:25
Thanks, Yeah I'm trying to paint dragons and 21st hands, I just tried primer then acrylics, then went to put the gun in his hand and it still scratchs off. I'm going to try some fussion paint next. If I find out I will let you-all know.