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12-08-2013, 23:33
Today's show, Dec. 8th in Glendale was a great show!:bravo
Saw a lot of the fellow collectors, made future plans for more shows there and for other sites in southern Calif.
There were a lot of collectables, small items, large items, dioramas for sale (some for $25.00!). A lot of vintage G. I. Joe and modern boxed figures and vehicles.:drool
Thanks to all who came ,supported our hobby and made it a great day!
I bought more than I sold! :doh
Will post photos soon.

12-10-2013, 01:07
I had a great time selling stuff and buying stuff (when will I learn.....never), and was fun catching up with good friends.:wink

12-20-2013, 23:52
Somehow only this photo was taken at the James De Simone G. I. Joe Collector's show , Dec.8th.:think
sorry, there was a lot to see and buy there! :clap
p.s. I am the old dude on the right!