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View Full Version : Model Kit Expo and Hobby Show, Chino, CA - Oct 19th, 2013

10-05-2013, 22:00
Model kits, 1/6 figures, Toy Soldiers, Books, Militaria, etc.

Saturday, October 19th, 9:30am - 4:00pm.

Yanks Air Museum
7000 Merrill Ave, Hangar A270
Chino, CA

More information here:

10-06-2013, 00:00
I will have a table there with 1/6 goods. This will be my 3rd show at the Air Museum, it's always a good time!!

10-18-2013, 19:02
Show is tomorrow!!!

10-21-2013, 01:20
Went as a vendor, could have been more of the 1:6 scale collectors supporting our hobby.
It was well advertised, a good mixture of vendors and RC tanks, WWII re-enactors, vintage aircraft buzzing the field. Even the son of Kane, the 442nd figure made by BBI was there.
Could have been the economy, the overpricing of our hobby, who knows.
A good time was had.

10-21-2013, 19:44
I went and was surprised at how much 1/6th there was. A lot of old Dragon but some new stuff too.The museum is great and I got some great deals on model kits.

10-22-2013, 00:22
I had a great time, and said to myself..."easy on the buying", well I couldn't resist, I bought a lot of good stuff (again). Lot's of cool vendors.