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08-05-2013, 13:11
Hey guys:

In case you're not already aware, there is a great hobby and collectibles show happening at the Crowne Plaza Fairfield Hotel in New Jersey in September called the "Jerseyfest Model Kit & Statue Fair". If you're a 1/6th scale figure collector, it will be well worth attending. Many people from all over the USA and even abroad are attending the weekend long event.

One of our very special guests is Steve Wang, who created the Predator with the original Stan Winston Studios team. Steve will have a vendor table and will be doing presentations in separate conference rooms on Saturday and Sunday on his work in film, the hobby and of course on the Predator movie. In addition, there will be presentations from Lorne Peterson, the Chief Model Maker from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) Studios for the Star Wars movies, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, etc.

The show has many top vendors and artists with great/rare kits, statues, high end action figures, art and hobby supplies for sale and display.

Besides the vendors (about 100 tables), there will be lots of model related demos, classes, special presentations, exhibits, night time hobby parties, etc., plus an incredible model and art contest with great trophies, plaques and prizes.

Look around our web site for lots of show info and pictures: (

Hope to see you there !


08-16-2013, 15:14
We are honored to have Jeff Yagher, the “godfather” of monster model sculptors, as one of our special guests at Jerseyfest. He will be at a vendor table all weekend long, so stop by to say hello.
See pictures of his work here:

On Saturday, he will be doing a presentation in a separate conference room where he will discuss the sculpting methods he used on numerous figures and busts that he sculpted over the years. On Sunday, he will be doing the same for his “Yagher Classics” series.

As a reminder, all demos during the vendor show are included with the price of admission into the show. See the latest listing of show demos here: