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08-05-2007, 10:13
Here are some Iraqi Patches

08-05-2007, 20:03
a couple more

howlin mad murdock
08-05-2007, 20:21
how do you size to 1/6 scale.thanks Greg

08-05-2007, 20:55
Hmmm, good question. Let work on that, & I'll let you know.

08-06-2007, 16:03
how do you size to 1/6 scale.thanks Greg

Personally, the trick is finding out the 1:1 dimensions of the item in question, size the image to match, then reduce the item in an image processing program, photoshop, by 16.667%. I've had very good luck with this technique.

Same trick can be applied to basic painter accessory program that came bundled with the PC. That requires a little adjustments as it is a very clunky to work with.

set the menu item "image/attribute" to the size your graphic to 1:1 demensions, paste the graphic in and adjust the handles until it fits the image area correctly.
Then select all and use the menu item "image / stretch/skew" and enter 17% for the 2 stretch fields because the software only accept integer percentages.

Now your image is scaled, but there's only 1 so repeat "image/attributes" to fit your paper size and use the select tool to marqee off the graphic, copy & paste, arrange to fill up your sheet, then send a test sheet to see how it looks before printing on your materials.