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05-12-2013, 22:38
Jun. 8,9, 2013 at the USAIRSOFT EXPO/A WEEKEND OF HEROES in Pittsburg, PA .... is full steam ahead.

OLCMSS teams may e mail us for a FREE display (no sales nor commercial advertising) booth to demonstrate YOUR TEAMS' ware and etc., Military and LE Units, Historical Re-Enactment Groups, Star War LARPers and etc., join us for a FUN weekend!!

Free display space also for 1/6 clubs, law enforcement and military displays. Contact John Lu directly at ...

[email protected]

Corporates on board so far are G&G/Valken and Elite Force among the retailers in both Airsoft and 1/6 Action Figure Industry.

Cory, former owner of ToyChect and Collectibles, has announced he plans to also be at the show with a truck load of some cool 1/6 items too.

Check out the AWOH 2013 homepage for all the details.

Time is close!!!

05-15-2013, 20:54
Are any 1/6 companies or stores going to be there?

05-17-2013, 19:55
Yeah, Action Fan and Field of Armor will both be there, as will Cory Lord ( former owner of Toychest Collectibles ) with a truckload of 1/6.

05-26-2013, 09:27
Its 5 hrs away for me...thinking of there going to be any sort of custom figures or figure contest going on like in past WOH events.....:dunno

06-03-2013, 12:33
To be totally honest, most strongly likely, no.

There was NO 1/6 contests of any kind at the AWOH 2012 show in Columbus Ohio, the contests were based on Airsoft, like real life uniform contests, or shooting contests.

Airsoft has proven for years now to be the only really driving force, with support from Airsoft companies and major distributors, but NONE from any 1/6 company, distributor, or club. In contrast, only a few 1/6 dealers ( some that also sell Airsoft ), non profit 1/6 clubs, and individual 1/6 hobbyists show some form of support for this show.

This year, I see no sign of support from any organized 1/6 club, just some surface noise that some individual club members on their own may go to the show, just to see what is going on.

In contrast the Airsoft fans look strong on these shows, and last year a lot of Airsoft people bought a lot of 1/6 stuff, while I saw no 1/6 people taking anything Airsoft stuff from the show if they didn't win it.