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der soldat
07-14-2007, 15:21
I wanted to try this to give my figures a bit more realism. Most of the pictures are sewing a hole on a 1:1th item because it would be easier to see and my camera can't pick up details that small. It is the same process for 1:1th and 1:6th though.

[no picture]
1. Remove the button and snap off the uniform.
Cut a hole the approximate size, slightly larger than the button.
STart sewing at either end of the hole you just cut. Starting from the middle creates unwanted tightness in the hole, forcing it open and making the button slip out.
Continue down either side, making each stitch slightly next to the other. You dont want the stitches to far apart or the hole will begin to fray.
When you get each sode done, loop the thread under the first stitch.
Knot it.
Sew on the button. For Shank buttons (the ones with the metal loop on the bottom) you can just sew directly to the uniform. For flat uttons (With the holes in the middle) sew it kinda loose and tie thread around the loose thread to create the shank.

The top button is in a button hole, it lays flatter aginst the uniform than the rest of the butons
See? the button hole is a perfect size for the tunic and you can now have the tunic collar either opened or closed. I only did one hole to save time.

A few tips-
Try to make the stitches more even on heer tunics than SS, most heer tunics had machine sewn holes and SS mostly had hand-sewn button holes. Hand sewn buttonholes were also commonly found on privatley tailored tunics as well.