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Spanner 28
06-13-2007, 07:06
Is it just me or has the page loading got so slow as to make it painful to browse this site. It takes forever to load the ads and makes it a very painful experience to browse. I'm aware the ads support the page but if their technical glitz and animations are (as I suspect) slowing the loading down I feel they will rapidly become counterproductive. If it is not the adds causing the slow loading then does anyone have any ideas?

Ronin Six
06-13-2007, 11:03
Hi Spanner,

I've recently adjusted the way the page elements load. The ads are now the last to load. Content loads first, without having to wait on the ads to finishing loading (because they sometimes do take a while to load).

Is this happening on every page for you still? Or did it alleviate itself? In some instances, there is a slow area between where you are and where the website is hosted, which will cause you to notice the slowness on only this site.

(If it's happening on only certain posts, then it may be certain images in that particular post that are hosted elsewhere that may be the isssue.)

Do let me know if this condition persists and I'll do my best to see what I can do.