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01-16-2013, 02:36

Did a little story to this one so there is a little reading before the Recipe and pics.


It's been almost 3 years since they arrived, at first there was excitement even thou there was no contact from them for about 2 months then one day small craft started coming out of the larger ships then all hell broke loose. The smaller craft started firing and people started to scream and run and tried to find cover.

The first attacks lastest for about two days and not even our military forces could with stand the massive fire power that the enemy had. After the attacks everything went deadly quiet and at first we all thought that would be the end of it but we were so wrong, the first attack was nothing compared to what was to came next.

Like the first attack small craft began to spue out of the larger ships that hovered overhead but these ships were a little larger and bulkier then the first and when they landed hundreds and hundreds of reptillian creatures emeregd and started to scatter themselves throughout the city.

As the days and weeks went by we found ourselves becoming fewer and fewer. At first we thought that we were just getting killed after raids and battles but we were so wrong. The HUNTERS as we call them are hunting for food and we are the cattle, they always hunt in pairs no more no less.

The pair always consist of a tracker who seems to be the less dominate one and it uses some sought of motion tracking device that it has strapped to it's back and a hand held device that picks up movement. We have found that the motion trackers aren't very good when there is concrete around so we try to move around the debri of the buildings.

The leader is the most aggressive of the two and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, they both carry some sought of energy weapon that their right arm slides into. The weapons look very intimidating but the blast from these weapons only do minor damage so not to damge their food source.

We have found that if we don't stop these HUNTERS of EARTH soon that the human race will be exstinct within a few years.


Hunters - The Hunters are the Lizard figure from the Amazing Spiderman movie, these ones are the ones that have the clear forearms and lower legs. The right forearm on both figures were cut off and replaced with an arm section from a figure called an APE from the old Starship Trooper miniatures.

They have both had leather straps added from leftover pieces from the bits box, the buckles are 1/6 buttons and 1/35 scale photo etched pieces. The belts are from two Hasbro Chewbacca Bandoliers and the canisters on the leader are from some Hasbro Stormtroopers.

The helmets are from Hasbro's Death Star Troopers and have just been turned upside down, the tracking backpack was from the bits box as was the cord and the tracking device is a tricorder from a 7" Artasylum Enterprise figure. The cloth parts are from the bits box which were just cut out to a desired shape.

The shoulder pads are 1/6 scale knee pads with the padded section cut out. The figures joints were glued inplace after I got the desired pose and then putty was used to cover the joints except of the heads as I wanted them to be able to move around with the helmets on. Once they putty dried I painted and weathered then using Vallejo and GW paints and pastel chalk.

Base - The base I picked up at the local craft shop and the main section of the base is high density foam, this foam hasn't had the sealer put onto it like the blue foam you get so it was ideal for the making of the road. I cut out the foam and then pulled it apart from underneath so that it the dirt could be applied.

The dirt I used is some dried dirt I got from the landscapers, the pipes are pieces of plasticardcut and inserted into the foam. Once I got the pipes inplace I started to do more detailing to the road by adding cracks and more damage to the edges.

The footpath is foamcore with the thin cardboard peeled away from one side, one the cardbaord was peeled away I did the detailing and damage by using a pen and model knife. The damaged signs were made from plasticard and the signs were printed off the net and glued to thin card from a chip box packet.

The little shrubs are from Woodland scenics and the muddy/sludge was done painting the base the desired colour and then using a few coats of Woodland Scenics realistic water, I also added realistic water to some light brown paint to give it an even more muddy/sludge look.

The sludge running from the pipes was done using Woodland Scenics water effects with a mix of light brown and white paint added to it. The base was painted and weathered using Vallejo and GW paints and pastel chalks.


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Woah, those look amazing!!
Really awesome job putting these together, totally wicked!

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Fantastic work!!! With the high prices of 1/6 I may have to move down in scale.

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keep posting! these small dios you do are great!

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Hi All,

Guys thanks for the replies there always appreciated. And zombie even thou I do love my 1/6 dios I can fit way more dios on the shelves at this scale.