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View Full Version : Fabric too thick for 1/6?

01-03-2013, 16:15
I've noticed that when I'm making something, when I sew two things together and then do the whole flip it inside out deal (for nice edges), the fabric is too thick and doesn't fall right.

Example, I was making a poncho so I sewed two pieces of fabric together and then inverted it and sewed the opening but the fabric was too thick and it didn't look right... And I could just hem it but then it would have ugly inside and stitches would we visible as well.any ideas?

Pickle Munkey
01-03-2013, 16:22
You could try pinning and gluing it, perhaps?
Or you may just need thinner material, perhaps.
I could ask my girlfriend about it when I get home, she's a seamstress and could probably give some useful tips, perhaps. Because I just had to say that word one more time.

Pickle Munkey
01-03-2013, 16:58
She said that a thinner material and smaller seams, or hot iron would be the best idea, sometimes pressing the material will make it relax a bit.

Could you provide pictures? Would be able to provide much better input then!

01-03-2013, 17:20
For a really thin material you could always try cotton handkerchiefs. They're thin and if they're cotton they take dye nicely. I don't really sew but I've dyed them and used them to make bandannas, rags, bandages, scarves and things like that.

01-04-2013, 14:53
I think you're right, just too thick. May scrap it and try again with one layer. Not sure how I'm going to achieve a rounded shape like that, though... Hmm, I'll keep trying and maybe look into handkerchiefs!