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Pvt. Ryan HOH
07-14-2003, 21:49
Ok i decided to elaborate on my technique here. It works best on vehicles and boots.

What you will need
Small bowl
Pure sand (cant help with the origin, my dad had a bucket of it in the garage, should be a finer grain, not a bigger grain.)
Acryllic paint (your choice, white for snow, brown or brown/black combo for mud)

Get a good portion of paint in your bowl. After this ligthly pour a little sand in. You will see it kinda soaks up the color. Pour the sand in until the sand doesnt soak up the color. Once this is achieved, mix. The consistancy should be a little thick, but watery, good enough that it will glop, lighlty brush on.

Apply the mixture with brush/ q-tip lightly to the sides of the vehicles tires, the fenders, ect... Just try one spot at first. Once you see the results, you can decide on more or less.

For boots, well i havent tried it, but i suggest a little more watery of a mix.

While painting on the mud, stuff will drip off the brush. The process is messy, so do it some where liek a garage or out side.

Once you have achived the desired results, dull coat the whole mudded area. i used about 2-3 coats, the stuff is pretty rock hard.

I have used the snow technique on a diorama (sideways log) it worked well.

I used the following brands of paint/dull cote. Use what you like, as long as its acryllic, just incase. The last 2 are craft paints, they work pretty good, avaible at a hobby lobby or a michaels probally, not sure, its my moms stuff (was).

Testors Model Master Dull Cote
Anita's all purpose Acryllic Craft paint (black)
Americana Acryllic paint (light cinniamon)
I use the 2 previous paints, as the black was 8 fluid ounces, for only $2, the little thing is somthign liek 89 cents. Might not be Jo Sonya, but it gets the job done.

Hope this helps alot of you in your weathering.

Pvt. Ryan HOH
07-14-2003, 21:51
Here is the sideways log i made

Pvt. Ryan HOH
07-14-2003, 21:52
close up of the jeep before an extra coat of mud

Pvt. Ryan HOH
07-14-2003, 21:54
If i try a pair of boots tonight i will post pictures. Also not heavy wear areas. If you look at my jeep thread, there is more mud in the cornors/fenders, and the back, than shown above, hence the extra coat of mud.

the sideways log shows the snow technique (white paint on the log) its not as 3d as it should be., i think i might update is some time.

07-14-2003, 22:19

another great thing to try, aside from pure sand, is baby powder. Make sure you play with it a bit first to get the consistency right, but once you figure out the right balance for you to use, baby powder makes an EXCELLENT thickening an "clumping" medium to add to your paints.


Pvt. Ryan HOH
07-14-2003, 23:11
Cableguy: thanks for the input. Guys i would suggest his technique on uniforms/gear as it would seem to be useable in smaller scale, while the bigger stuff may be suited for vehicles lik mine, im not sure about unis.

07-14-2003, 23:49
You're just one bashing fool; nice work!

07-15-2003, 09:24
hey thats a great technique
also when I mud up a vehichle
I use some small pebbles in it
cause sometimes that mud can get rocky
and I use a small brush to give it the speed streaks
where the mud flies up the sides from the spinning tires

08-15-2003, 14:03
I do something similar but I use a toothbrush. I load it up with sand/paint mixture, hold it horizontal and use my thumb to release the bristle and launch mud to the vehicle. great spaterring effects. Practice a few times before doing your vehicle.