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09-01-2012, 18:33
I'm not sure WHERE the link is now, but someone was kind enough to post a link to a place on the Wikipedia site where there was artwork for various cover sheets for intelligence briefing......Top-Secret, Secret, Confidential.

Problem is.....when I went to the Wikipedia link, I could SEE the cover sheets. The page would alternate between the three different(I believe) cover sheets. However, when I tried to copy and SAVE the sheets, all I would ever get is the "Confidential" sheet...the ones I REALLY wanted, SECRET and TOP-SECRET couldn't seem to be saved.

Can anyone offer any help on this? Thanks in advance! Lithops

09-01-2012, 19:39
Windows 7 has a 'Snipping Tool' which should grab a copy of it.

Or try here:

09-02-2012, 13:49
You can hit PrntSc and paste to paint or a better program, as each sheet shows. I did it in old MS Paint, and saved as .jpeg. They could be saved and/or enhanced even sharper, I believe.

09-02-2012, 13:58
Better yet, in .png -


09-02-2012, 19:37
Thanks SO MUCH for the speedy and VERY helpful replies!!! Unfortunately, I'm having to play "catch up" when it comes to most of the 1/6th(and 1/18th, 1/32) world(s)!

I was diagnosed with Cancer "out-of-the-blue", so to speak, and me being a person who never even catches colds!! In early 2008, a Dept. Head Surgeon finally explained(I didn't know HOW sick I was) that I had a rare, aggressive cancer, and it was already at Stage 4, and that I would be dead BY the end of the year!

So.......doesn't seem to make much sense buying "collectibles", so I didn't....not until recently.
I refused the MASSIVE amounts of radiation they wanted to give me(80% lethal dose, over 7-8 weeks, 5 days/week) because that musg radiation would have caused my tissues in the neck/head areas to simply die! Also, that much radiation changes the structure of human bone on a molecular level, so that if you're accidentally hit in the face, your bone(s) will shatter into dozens of pieces. The tissue inside the bone is dead too, so it'll NEVER heal!

Unfortunately, my nephew, who used to be a County Constable, ALSO developed several leukemia-related cancers. Either spending HOURS on the freeway with the radar gun and/or spending hours at the shooting range inhaling lead vapour caused HIS problems, but....he referred me to a lady oncologist who flat out said she disagreed with the findings of these people at this huge cancer hospital. They told me there was NO chemo they could give me, and all they could do was a couple of HORRIFIC surgeries(the first "3 hr." surgery, turned out to be 7-7.5hrs., and I looked like a sharh had bitten away the entire side of my face!!).
She said that there were SEVERAL kinds of chemo. she'd like to try, and the first one, with the least side effects was Taxol....something the other doctors COULD have tried!
Well....2-3 weeks after the FIRST dose, my hair fell out, but tumors the size of a (small) chicken egg under my left armpit DISAPPEARED!!! I've had 6 treatments so far, and I can't
feel ANY lumps ANYWHERE!! I'm "collecting" stuff :-)
I mention this all HERE, because(unfortunately), I have run into A LOT of other people in the hobby who have/had similar problems. If YOU are one of those folks, or have a friend or family member who is sick, tell them MY story, as there obviously IS hope!! Here, I had these "experts at THE largest cancer hospital in the world(M.D. Anderson) telling me that without ANY doubt, I would be doubt by the end of 2008, and here we are WAY into 2012, and the outlook is BETTER than it was even 6 months ago! Problem is......I missed out on a lot of good buys! These 1/18 Blue Box planes that WERE selling at places like Wal-Mart for $40.00, are now on EBay for $200-$300!! 1/32 Forces of Valor Vehicles that were also selling in stores for well under $50, are now selling for WAY over $100, and many aren't available AT ALL!
But, I'm still alive(at present), and it seems I've joined a community of some really great folks, so many thanks again for your help! Ken Kimmel (Lithops)

09-03-2012, 14:29
Ken, that is one tough trail you've been put on, but I'm glad you are still in the fight. I told my kids a long time ago, what had been passed on to me: Every time you get knocked down, get back up, however you can.
The hobby has gone a bit mad all right, with quality of detail being countered by cost and the heavy price of collectibility. It remains a thing which one can find some happiness and challenge in, so we go on.
You are not alone here in facing real life adversity, I appreciate that you trust us enough to share yours.


09-04-2012, 02:39
I second what Mike said. My mom had to undergo some radition treatment. So I have a bit of an idea. She came out alright.
All the best to you Ken, and you might have missed out on some stuff, but the chase after that one part (or two dozen parts in your case ;) ) can be quite alot of fun too.
Paying more is the annoying part, but these days, the best parts you need to pre-order often anyway, so people like me, who aren't a fan of doing that (I like seeing the actual production pieces in hand before) end up paying a little more anyway.