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09-22-2011, 03:31
I am currently interested in starting with custom designs and kitbashes and was wondering if some of you more seasoned guys could give me some tips or resources concerning what tools and supplies are needed or recommended to start this process with. I have over 70 figures, twice as many uniforms and a large assortment of weapons and accesories.

09-22-2011, 06:02
Hobby saw with assorted blades
X-Acto knives " " "
Small needle nose pliers (you may end up with a variety of types)
Assorted glues (ex: super glue, glue for PlasStruct...)
Assorted putties - A/B, Green Stuff, Aves....
LOTS of brushes
Fine grit sandpapers and fine steel wool
Dremel tool
1 Metric Tonne of patience....
Added: Pin vise


10-08-2011, 11:46
Let me get this right, you want supplies for kitbashing? or diorama building?

If it is kitbashing, then I would add sewing needles, pins and a variety of suitable coloured spooled threads onto your list.
A sewing machine is handy for alterations too if you can use one.

And you must get one of my favourite products, a jar of Testors MATT clear coat lacquer.
It's for altering a shiny gloss finish to a flat matt finish and for protecting and sealing the surface.
(It's a wee bit toxic but it's still brilliant stuff.)

10-25-2011, 21:06
Thanks guys, Im looking for ideas for both kit building and diorama building tool boxes.

10-25-2011, 21:37
What sort of dioramas are you looking at making?

The stuff you will need depends on size dimentions, the setting and how robust you want to make the diorama.
A solid base is a must and timber is the easiest product to work with, so a few basic wood working tools are a good start.

:thumb If you could give us a bit more info on the type and size of the dioramas you want to build, then I'm sure we could whip up a more accurate list for you in no time.

Dicky Mint
11-28-2011, 14:57
I am just starting out and have got something in mind....

I have got some way to go to get to your guys level though.

I am grateful for the list of starting out 'must haves' as it will assist in getting my project completed.

Thanks in advance.


duck of death
11-28-2011, 19:15
This is the stuff I've accumulated over the years

Rotary tool with lots of attachments
hot glue
super glue
tacky glue
+ about a dozen other kinds of glue (you can never have too much glue)
seam buster (it's a sewing tool, but I use it for all kinds of things)
different sized needles and thread
cotton tape
plaster tape
foam core
needle nose pliers
painters quick release tape
acrylic paint
x-acto knives in all different sizes
really good sharp scissors
ink jet printer with water-safe inks
different kinds of paper including photo paper, cloth paper, canvas paper
molding and casting material including non-sulpher clay
legos for mold boxes
dyes and fabric paints
wire in different gauges
Popsicle sticks
felt and other cloth
spray starch
leathers in various sizes

That's just some of the stuff I use in my projects and I don't even make diaramas

01-08-2012, 23:53
I am looking at creating and constructing dioramas for groups of figures or possibly for setups with vehicles, some furniture or individual models and I am very interested in weapons modifications. I have some rather specific detailed ideas that I am attempting to work on.