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chris u'5
03-07-2011, 07:48
I picked up a SOFLAM from an HM Armed Forces set and I'd love to incorporate it into my current WIP 'bash but as you can see it definitely needs to be weathered.

I'm getting on OK with my first attempts at weathering clothes using Tamiya Weathering Kits but these don't seem to work very well on this as it's a shiny plastic and the powder just comes off.

Can anyone offer any advice? I suppose dry brushing would be the way to go or a re-paint and sandpaper?

03-07-2011, 08:34
I would start with a layer of dull cote and that will take the shine out and give the weathering powder something to stick to.


03-07-2011, 10:08
:agree Dullcote is my favorite of the sealers, especially when it comes to using pastels. But a good "wash" takes care of the basic weathering. Just water down some black, or black and brown, and give it a wash with your watery paint and immediately wipe with a paper towel or rag and the dark paint stays in the recesses of the part. Then you come back with a lighter shade of the original paint color or something similar and use a "dry brush" technique where you get the paint on your brush and wipe your brush on a rag until it's almost cleaned off, then brush the piece so a very small amount of paint hits the high marks to create a highlighting effect. These 2 techniques are the basics to start off with, then you can use pastels and a number of other options. :goodluck

chris u'5
03-07-2011, 17:15
So Dullcote is just a sealer? Therefore it's a clear spray that I'd spray on and then apply the weathering powder?

Ideally I'd like the SOFLAM to be OD as it seems to be more accurate for the era (older versions were OD, newer tan) so if I was to spray it with Tamiya OD paint do you think it would be easier to weather with the powders and perhaps sandpaper?

That would be the ideal situation but I've got an amazing knack of ruining things so the simpler the better for me!

03-07-2011, 17:27
If you want it OD, spray with a flat OD then weather.

If you want to keep it tan, spray with dullcote and then weather.

You can use a light coat of dullcoat after weathering to hold the details of the weathering if so desired.


chris u'5
03-10-2011, 12:48
Thank you chaps.
As a 'quick fix' I wonder if a quick coat of hairspray would then allow the powder to cling better to the SOFLAM?
I'm really keen to use this in a 'bash but I only have until Sunday as I'm leaving the country for several months...:(

06-18-2011, 13:52
I went to Hobby Lobby and found some Floquil enamel weathering pens in the railroad hobby section that work great.