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View Full Version : How can I make a mp5 10mm and a HK 21

01-07-2007, 11:36
I want to make a mp5 10mm version.Also want to make a HK 21. I need to know what parts and guns I half to get to make them. :chainsaw :jawdrop

01-07-2007, 13:07
The MP5 just needs a straight mag, good luck :D for the HK21 id use a DML G3A3 (came with GSG Ulrich i think) and a DML PSG1 Stock as a start. But Aly built it maybe he can give some more infos.

01-07-2007, 13:14
re the HK 21:
You can use the lower receiver/trigger group, but the rest looks like sculpting and/or plastic engineering. It's a true light machinegun, with roller feeder and robust parts for sustained fire.