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06-19-2003, 00:36
How do you get multiple pics in one thread post?

09-18-2003, 09:53
There are two ways to insert images into your post

#1 Uploading images from your own hard drive. For this method there are instructions in another thread ( But you have already guessed using this method you can only upload one image into each post. To get around the limit of one you can merge serveral photos into a "collage" of photos by using an image editting program.

#2 image links You can link to images at another site by using the "IMG" button, which can be seen when you are composing a post. Which inserts this into your post (spaces are inserted into the example to show you how it would look):

[I M G ] h t t p : / / example. j p g [ / I M G ]

If you use this method the limit is 4 images in one post. HOWEVER using this method charges the "host" (the website where you "borrowed" the image from) for the bandwidth space used when the image is viewed. Each and every time your post is opened it uses up more bandwidth and again charges the host. Some people may call this "stealing bandwidth", so use it at your descretion.

another option for the second method you can also make a link in post to the by using the "http://" button (again, seen when you are composing a post). Which will look like this when you in the compose window:

[U R L = h t t p : / / example . j p g ] TEXT FOR THE LINK SHOWS UP HERE [ / U R L ]

The end result for this choice will be a link that looks and operates like this:


By utilizing this option you are borrowing the image from another website but the bandwidth is only used when someone clicks on the link vs EVERYTIME the thread is opened. You do this by inserting the URL address into the pop-up window provided.

You may be wondering what's the URL? Where the heck do I get that from?

When you find an image you want to link to right click and a window pops up. Select properties and under the properties window you should be able to see the URL address (it starts off with "http://) highlight the entire thing (watch out because some image URLs are more than two lines so make sure you scroll down and get ALL of it) and copy it ("ctrl" + "c" buttons on your keyboard). Now go compose your post and click on the "http://" button. When the window pops-up paste the URL in there ("crtl" + "v").

09-18-2003, 09:59
thsnk xou f106lady. helps me to.

crisibabe. :smoking

10-14-2003, 13:35
...for the above two methods are also available in PowerPoint slides format for beginners still having trouble. The PowerPoint slides provide screen by screen steps. You can request these from me by clicking on the PM button below to send me a Private Message - please state the nature of your request (Method#1=Upload images ; Method#2=Linking images ; Both Method#1 & #2 for posting images) and your email address I can email the files to.