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12-19-2010, 08:53
Here are some pics of a Burnside carbine I made from BGT and Cotwald Sharp's carbines. The barrel and stock were taken from the BGT (or SST) Sharp's and the hammer was cut off and filed down from the Cots Sharp's. (The BGT hammer can be used if you fill it in a little with super glue to make the body wider.) The receiver was shaped from two pieces of styrene stock, one inside the other. (A solid piece of styrene would also work.) The smaller styrene had a hole in the center in which I put a piece of brass rod that stuck out either end. These were inserted in holes drilled in the stock and barrel pieces to make it rigid.
The seperate hammer had a piece of styrene rod glued to the back that goes into a hole drilled just behind the reciever so the hammer can move. A hole was drilled and shaped in the receiver under the hammer contact point, with a piece of wire to represent the nipple. I cut a piece of thin styrene to shape to simulate the mechanism under the receiver, with a piece of wire for the "hinge" near the barrel end. The loading lever and release were shaped from lengths of half-round styrene. You will need to add a wire bar on the other side for the carbine ring that attaches to the soldier's carbine sling.


Here is what the carbine looks like. I added color case hardening to the receiver after this pic was taken.


Here are some dimensions for you to work from. The original illustrations were from Randy Steffan's "The Horse Soldier, Volume II".


12-19-2010, 09:27
That is some serious weapons-bashing. Fine, fine job on the carbine. Just the sort of unique piece that makes a good figure a standout figure.