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06-09-2006, 14:22
Running low on ideas for a custom, I decided to give a Unisol a try. I have the 1992 movie on DVD, as well as the VanDamme sequel, but I was really hoping for some prop photos. After searching the internet, I see that the old Universal Soldiers seem to have gone into deep hiding.

Does anyone have any links to any kind of site with more information on Unisols?

My plan is to build a 1992 Unisol, then do a 1999 Unisol 2500. The 2500 looks to have used stock gear, but I am having a hard time identifying the assault vests used. The 92 Unisol appears to have alot of specially-made gear for the film. The most difficult to figure out right now is the harness supporting the MP5Ks- I can't see clearly where the attachpoints are- does it hook to the main webbelt for example?

Any ideas or weblinks would be greatly appreciated. Universal Soldier is one of my favorite movies. Well, the first part anyway. Once GR13 goes nuts at the supermarket the film tends to lose my interest.

06-25-2007, 18:57
I Have A 1993 Movie Magazine Called Action Films It Has Evry Thing Close Up Pictures Of The Unisol's Bdus And Equipment. Ill Try To Up Load Some Pic's For U

06-26-2007, 13:08
Thanks for the offer- I ended up taking frame grabs from the film and finished a desert camouflage Unisol some time ago.

I thought I'd posted pics here in another thread. Guess I need to go back and put the final version in front of the camera again.