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05-15-2006, 08:21
could anyone tell me what colors to mix to paint a vietnamese and african headsculp has anyone tried making water puddels from a product called future floorpolish i read someplace that you can but i have tried but no success it did not dry i am at the moment collecting bits for some vietnam figures i hope to start kitbashing soon


01-16-2007, 19:24
For SE Asian skintones I've had some success using various combinations of burnt sienna, yellow ochre, and burnt umber, lightened with varying degrees of white of course.

African skintones have been a little more difficult because too much highlighting will make the sculpt look something other than African, not enough and the result will be too monotone. I generally stick to combos of burnt sienna, burnt umber, and raw umber, with black and whites used for darkening/lightening (go REAL sparingly on the black)

As for the puddles, I've never used floor wax for standing water effects but have had some decent results with a product called Roplex which is a sort of clear epoxy resin used for making things like fake bugs in icecubes,etc.