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05-07-2006, 08:37
I'm building a giant diorama. The problem, I can't find a perfect desert sand. I'm using woodland scenics ballast. It is white so I paint it sand color, but it is too tan - it doesn't even match the desert camo my action figures have. Also I bought another woodland scenics ballast that is close enough to make a desert. I want a perfect color. I hope you guys will be able to help me with this. Thanks.

05-21-2006, 21:42
Yo! Merc25!

Go to and go to the GALLERY and click on Miscellaneous page. Then go down to the display that says STANDOFF AT BAGHDAD.
Louie who owns this site gives a good description for the materials and places to get them for a good desert diorama.

Also go to Pat, the guy who runs it is a really cool brotha' and I met him last year at the 2005 GI Joe Convention when he gave a presentation on some of his work/projects. I asked him some questions and drew some suggestions from him for some projects and he was really cool and generous with offering some ideas that helped me out a lot.

As far as getting a 'perfect color' to match your troop's BDU's. I wouldn't try to do an exact matching camo job between the figure's uniforms and the diorama. It just doesn't happen this way in the 1/1 world anyway.
You can weather up your figure's clothing with some materials from making your diorama to make them look like they've picked up some dirt and dust from their 1/6 location. But there are some Fleck Stone/Stone Creations paints that do compliment the bdu outfits fairly well.

I hope this helps.

If you need some spent rifle casings, go to and click on their 1/6 modern - grenades and ammo page and they've got a few on sale right now. No matter what, these things just add a fine accessory and finishing touch to your diorama when 1/6 combat's involved.

I've bought almost all of my diorama supplies at Michael's Arts and Craft store. If you want a list of what I've used for my own desert projects, let me know and I'll send them to you.

Good luck.