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Kat Cole
03-31-2006, 15:08
This is were I buy all of my 1/6 scale weapons (painted or paint your own). He sells weapons from different eras, even the Old West (cowboys). Great site! Great service!

Kat Cole

03-31-2006, 19:45
Whoa, some nice stuff there, those Schoefield revolvers, I think I have to have some of those. Thanks for the heads-up Kat, and welcome aboard.


Kat Cole
03-31-2006, 19:53
Thanks for the welcome, Mike! heh-heh, yup I have a few of those myself!

Kat Cole

04-02-2006, 00:58
If your definitely into cowboys and indians, this is the place to go. Thanks for the info. I have one question, is it a one piece mold or does it have moving parts?

Kat Cole
04-02-2006, 15:32
The toy guns I've bought from him are one piece. No moving parts, but they're still cool. His gunbelts (rigs) are leather and really nice. Look for his latest gun rigs on eBay too. Some really cool rustic pieces. Wait for one you really love and buy it. They come with the weapons. I buy a lot of stuff from his site as well.


04-20-2006, 06:20
this guy really is an EXCELLENT gun/weapon maker for 1/6/ i think he specialises in gun rigs for Johnny West and the like. u say he's been on Ebay? never seen him there and i even checked his name. nothing. does he sell on ebay?

Kat Cole
04-20-2006, 14:42
You can usually find him if you search under "Johnny West". His rigs are designed to fit Dragons and BBIs and well. He makes the belt long enough and if you have a Johnny West with smaller waist, you can just trim the belt. I've been buying from him for a few years now. However, I've been making my own rigs and buying his weapons unpainted in the past year. He's become a cyber friend, because I've bought so much stuff from him. Here's one of his eBay gun rigs: QcmdZViewItem