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03-27-2006, 04:16
Hi guys!

Am i alone in struggling to get the Dragon British PRR boom microphone to curve around the face of figures? It just flops back down straight again!!! Aaarrgghh!!

I can't understand why they made this as a rubbery plastic effort. Everyone else seems to make their booms as a bendable wire which is much better!

If anyone's got any ideas as to how to get round this i'd be grateful to hear them. I have seen some of you managing to get it to look great, (or are they by a different manufacturer?).

03-27-2006, 06:15
maybe insert some copper wire like some people did with the BBI Hands? But im sure 1B4 has better advice :>

03-27-2006, 13:52
Thanks for that! I think i'll cut it off and get myself a thin drill and replace it with wire completely, then paint it.


One Bravo Four
03-27-2006, 16:50
maybe insert some copper wire like some people did with the BBI Hands? But im sure 1B4 has better advice :>

Actually, there is a tiny bit of wire in the DML PRR's.

I've encountered similar problems with this, but what I've done is started by first removing the head of the figure, making sure the headset is firmly attached to the ear, then securing it with the straping.

Once the headset is on snuggly, I bend the microphone until it's where I want it. Often times, I use the excess wire to "hold" the mic in place by folding it underneath the extra wire.

Does that make sense?


03-31-2006, 14:47
A big thankyou for that, it's helped a lot. Don't know if i got an early version, but there doesn't seem to be any wire in it at all, just a length of rubbery plastic with a degree of 'springiness' in it. No matter what i do, it just straightens itself out!

weird huh?!

Guess i will replace it with a piece of stronger wire and repaint the wire!

This is the first time i've asked for help with a bash on here and i'm really grateful for the fast helpful response i've had. THANKS GUYS!!!

03-31-2006, 16:55
Sounds like the dragfon headset , it's the same on Cody's headset. i put a thin coat of testors window maker cement on mine shaped it and let it dry.

04-02-2006, 09:05
That's a great idea too! Think i'll have a go at that before i chop it and insert wire into it!