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03-16-2006, 15:20
As I'm a renegade kitbasher working from paycheck to paycheck inbetween rent and living costs *being 18 in maine is a pain, I tell you* I'm in need of someone who can do a custom favor for me....I need someone to cast me 1/6th versions of modern ammunition calibers, loose brass if you will, though I'd like resin *which I'll probably get, unless one of you has a brass smelter...* I need 30 rounds of each of the following caliber, that I can recast later down the road and mass produce....*has big plans*

9mm *pistols and submachineguns*
.357magnum for revolvers
.44 again, revolvers*
.45 *pistols and my UMP*
.50 for my deagle...
5.56 generic assault rifles
5.7mm for the P90
7.62 AK and larger assault rifles for the barret...

If someone can help me out for a fairly reasonable price, I'd love you forever. To give away my future plans, I'm going to try and make actual "clips" that have the correct amount of rounds, working springs, etc. Lofty idea, but down the road once I get better at 1/6th I think it's possible. So, if anyone can do this, or knows of anyone who will consider an order like this, PLEASE let me know. Thanks a million in advance.