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11-03-2010, 13:43
hi everyone
im new to customizing 1/6 but i am currently working on a few projects and came across a problem
i have a shirt that is almost perfect for the figure except to have it movie accurate it needs to be a few shades darker.
i know bleach will brighten fabrics but what would give me a darker shade of green for the shirt?

another question i have is if i was to make a tear in the shirt how would i seal the edges so they do not fray and the shirt doe not fall apart?

what would you suggest for using as dirt, blood and burns on clothing?

11-04-2010, 05:06
If the shirt is cotton, you can dye it with Ritz dye(powder or liquid). If not, you should try fabric paint, sparingly. Fabric paint is inexpensive.

You can use Fabritac to glue the shirt back together and protect it from fraying. It's about $6-$7 bucks a bottle but it will last forever.

Weathering? There's a boatload of weathering tips in the forums here. But to give you an idea: Dirt: you can use hard pastels and brush it on(take an exacto knife and gently scrape off a little pile, then use a brush and go for it. Burns: cigarette ashes work well, and again, pastels. Blood: you can mix up some acrylic paint and brush it on.

Good luck

11-04-2010, 10:44
thanks for this information it is very useful
how would i know if the shirt is cotton? they don't come with the tag like in regular clothes ;)