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02-19-2006, 11:19
Well just basically wanna know who uses GW Colors for Weapons and Headrepaints. Since a GW Shop opened in the region it could be a good supply for colors. And if so, which colors are good for weapon paintjobs (khaki/tan, od, dark brown etcpp) and which for headrepaints.

02-19-2006, 11:26
I was into Warhammer/Space Marines, so I used Games Workshop stuff on my die cast figures. Good paint, good selection of colors.

02-23-2006, 18:15
The figures in my d-boys thread were painted with games workshop and vallejo paints (vallejo is basicly the same paint except it is a lot cheaper) the old gw pots were alot better, but any acrylic will do like humbrol, vallejo (they have got model, game, and airbrush collors.) Some of the vallejo studio acrylics are also good for dry brushing.

Good collors are:

Graveyard eath (coyote brown)
Catachan green (olive green)
bleached bone (bone collor)

If you want dark brown you should get scorched brown.

I repainted the heads (airbrush) with gw dwarf and elf flesh. I also mix grey in with flesh tones to give it a more natural look. But you can also use gw bronzed flesh (more yellowish).

02-23-2006, 18:20
dank je wel, and no i dont speak dutch anymore, just some basic things because i live 10min from the border away :D