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02-04-2006, 18:09
Howdy all. Recently I purchased 2 Armoury Tropentarn kits *at the cost of an arm and a leg on ebay* and discarded everything but the G-36's. Removing the handgaurd I turned it into a G-36C, but I hated the paintjob *camo on guns never looked right to me, barebones black looks better* So, out of sheer impatience, I took a can of testors spray enamel, flat black, and sprayed over the camo. It looks weathered now, but some wear spots are showing and the camo is peeking back through. My question to all who are savvy in the ways of paint, is how the heck do I get rid of the camo paint underneath quickly and effectively and what color black would be suitable for my G-36's? I've got a few days left of good weather and I want to shoot some photos outdoors in the woods before my figures woodland camo is turned useless in the snow...Thanks.

02-04-2006, 19:46
Hmmm. I ALWAYS repaint my weapons. First I wash them in warm soapy water to remove oils and releasing agents from the factory. Then I use Krylon black primer. After the primer has cured, I then airbrush them with Tamiya flat black. I use Testors gun metal and steel for drybrushing. For a finishing touch I wipe the metal parts with powdered graphite.

02-05-2006, 14:28
I'll have to try that once I get my airbrush supplies out of storage. Another question though; any quick ways to remove the existing paint jobs and return the gun to it's original color without damaging the plastic? Thanks again.

02-05-2006, 20:53
Yeah. When I stripp with acetone, it actually dissolves some of the resin on mine. hmm.. any way to avoid that?

02-06-2006, 13:20
WOW! ONLY use acetone on headsculpts. As for weapons, if you absolutely must remove the paint, I suggest elbow grease and fine steel wool. You don't want to lose the detail. If you haven't put layer upon layer upon layer of paint, a simple airbrushing of the color you want should do the trick without any removal at all.

02-06-2006, 13:38
*bows down to* Thanks a TON Sawgunner, you've just saved my butt and my G-36C's. Thanks again, I'll post pictures once I get the finished product!