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Black Knight
01-10-2006, 18:35
Is there a way to "dress up" cheap boots, or is it not worth the trouble? Just getting started with a "bash" of a PJ, starting from the ground up, so to speak.

01-12-2006, 06:10
take a fairly thick sewing needle,heat it and then push through the eye-lets of the boots ,then with the sort of thread that normally comes as a draw string for hoods re-lace the boots (some times you will need to carefully shave of the existing moulded plastic laces with a sharp blade)
you can then re paint the boot soles with acrlyics,and then add either mud or sand/dust to the uppers.

01-12-2006, 07:29
That's a great idea cole, I might give it a try. Thanks!

01-13-2006, 00:02
If you have a tiny drill bit (Dremel) that will do the trick to and this will not cause the rubber to split as the AF gets older.

03-31-2006, 15:34
Its in japanees but you get the idea from the pictures.
if this is not the delta picture go to the left hand colum and click SpecFigures Delta Force. Hers some pictures of the shoes