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01-03-2006, 16:12
Is there a way to make photos look like a wide screen image? The photo programs i have seem to distort the image or should i just buy a wide angle lens.This is a pic from ransomechuas site - with the result im looking for - thanks

Crazy Chocobo
01-04-2006, 19:20
A wide angle lens will not make a picture like the sample you provided. There are several ways to replicate the image you attached:

1. Panaromic Camera- not really an option as these are specialized devices. No, I'm not talking about a panoramic mode on a digital camera.

2. The Stitch Approach- take multiple images of the scene from one side to the other, and stitch it together in an imaging program. Some cameras have in-camera software that will do this for you or aid you in doing it; these are the panoramic modes I mentioned earlier.

3. The Crop Approach- Take a picture and then use an imaging program to crop the image to the proper aspect ratio to fit your liking. This is the easiest method.

4. Fisheye Apporach- use a fisheye lens to get an 180-degree field of view. The image will be distorted, but when you correct the distortion in an imaging program, the outer edges of the image will probably be destroyed, leaving you with a tighter (but still wide image). Due to the "lens factor" (also "crop factor") resulting from the reduced size of the imaging sensor in relation to the 24 x 36mm "35mm film" negative in most Digital SLR cameras (and essentially all digital cameras with fixed lenses), a fisheye lens originally designed to work on a 35mm film SLR might not give a true 180-degree field of view on a DSLR. Some manufacturers make digital-specific fisheyes, and others make "full-frame" DSLRs with a 24 x 36mm sensor. I would personally skip this approach, but it's another option.

I'd show an example of method 3 (and maybe 2) if I had time right now. Hope this helps some. =)

01-05-2006, 00:49
Thanks ill try that out!

02-24-2006, 11:19
i second # 3. it is probably the easiest. use a close up lens and get right up close to the figures, then crop the picture to get what you want.