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12-09-2005, 17:30
This is my first customized figure.
I was pretty disappointed with the HT SWAT figure, who supposedly
looks like Keanue in Speed. Not only does he have a pretty crap,
boring head sculpt relative to the later HT figures I have
- though they certainly capture Keanue's blank, kinda gormless stare -
but he has hyper pink unpainted plastic skin on his hands and feet
which are unfortunately mounted on a decidedly dark skinned body.
So, though relatively happy with his gear (despite some bad stitching
and weak glue) he was an easy choice for first mod victim.

So, I started pretty simple, for my first time. The figure was a little TOO
'clean cut'; clean shaven with a super short crew cut. So, I started
by sculpy'ing in bangs, mustache, soulpatch, sideburns and a wee bit
of a mulletin black sculpy to match the existing paint job.
(thanks DoubleTap for your awesome tutorial) I then dried/baked it
in front of a space heater, because we have no hairdrier.

I figured if I was an undercover cop, who looked like a baby faced
Keanue, then this is the kinda look I'd devise to look tough and
rebelious to fit in with the violent underside of society. Anyway,
he now looks (maybe) a little latino, though still very pink
skinned (no ethnic slur intended - just an observation of how
the facial hair changed his look).

Perhaps I should have painted a new base on, but I, instead, kept
the natural colour since it matched his posable fingers. And using
Boot25's powdered pastel techniques, deepened his eyes, coloured
his cheeks and generally enhanced the sculpt - the bit of red around
the eyes also made him look a little short on sleep or high on something.
I had to get some matte fix to make it permanent; would you believe I
had 5 cans of high gloss but no matte, typical. The so-called 'matte'
fix I got was far less matte than I had hoped but the slight sheen
and red rimmed eyes make him look a lot more greasy and dangerous.

All told a fairly successful mod. Though I am sure he'll end up a baddy
and be stuck with all the less cool kit. But that's what happens to
mediocre sculpt's in my house. Especially, next to the much
cooler looking new HT figures I have.

12-09-2005, 18:50
It looks very good. Its a completely new look :)

Lightning Sword
12-09-2005, 20:48
Nice job. :thumb

12-09-2005, 22:01
Great stuff!

12-28-2005, 10:28
I never got to respond to this thread but I think the mods you did are great. He does look like he needs sleep or is high on something lol.

12-28-2005, 10:42
Thanks Everyone.

I have parlayed his sweaty bleariness into a distinct character trait. My small collection is developing into an international para-military/law enforcement covert ops squad, not unlike an officially sanctioned 'A-Team' or maybe 'Mission Impossible'. SATU (Spec.Anti-Terror Unit) - Ronin Squad 2... Ronin since besides swat, civilian and military gear they all carry blades (swords). This character I built out of the HT original SWAT 'Keanue' HS has become the squads hypocondriac pilot/driver 'Sykowski', who is not only qualified to operate most vehicle classes, but also personally knows medical specialists in every theater of deployment. A health obsessed 'Murdock' if you will.